Malibu Maine is an imaginary hometown with an online gift shop. It is run by its founder and small business owner, Tonya Shevenell. Malibu Maine is home to The Maine Birthday Book and a second children's book in progress (release date: late summer, 2022).

You can sign up to receive our newsletters which go out twice per month and include exclusive discounts (and good news). To do that, please visit our sister site at www.malibumaine.com  and while you're there, check out the "Caterpillar Stories Journal" (if you've read The Maine Birthday Book all the way to the end, you'll know what that is, but if you haven't, it's extra bonus materials related to the book). You can also find a list of stores in Maine that carry The Maine Birthday Book. 

All orders you place through this website store are personally fulfilled by Tonya, Matt or Ray, so please feel free to contact us or say hello at tonya@malibumaine.com or matthew@malibumaine.com. Our mailing address is Malibu Maine PO Box 1014 Portland, ME 04104.

Thank you for visiting Malibu!

Since we are an imaginary hometown, we "borrow" Portland's post office to do our shipping!